Mayan day – 9 Lamat (Star)

July 13, 2010

Opposition – Risk – Daring – Energetic – Busy – Nervous – Paranoid

Being moved, or very enthusiastic about something.
A positive, productive period.
Intense energy, that at times lacks a focus.
Competitive.  Enjoy taking on a challenge.
Pushing the limits.  Like living on the edge.    
Taking risks with your resources until your reserves are very low.  

Compulsion to resolve disharmonious situations.
Over-identifying with the roles you play.
Obsessive-compulsive, addictive, self-destructive. 
Making mountains out of molehills.
Simplify.  Be willing to prune where necessary. 
Maintain control in order to finish things. 
When weakened, you may collapse into a “Black Hole.”