The Mayan Calendar

The ancient Mayans were great visionaries. They dedicated thousands of years to the observation of cycles of time.   The Maya understood everything is cyclic in nature and developed powerful calendars to help them organize their lives as well as predict the future.  Many of their prophetic calendars have predicted important world events.

The Tzolkin Calendar is one of 20 calendars created by the ancient Mayans.  It is comprised of 20-week cycles of 13 days each forming a 260-day year.  The energy of the day blends a little into the next day.   The daysign is always related to an animal or a force of nature.  It gives the day a character or “personality.”   The numbers, or tones, have a purpose or intent.  This combination gives each day a “personality” and “intent.”

The Daysigns

IMIX crocodile New beginnings
IK wind Versatility
AKBAL night Spirituality
KAN seed Abundance
CHICCHAN snake Transformation
CIMI death Death
MANIK deer Opportunities
LAMAT rabbit Fertility
MULUC water Purification
OC dog Loyalty
CHUEN monkey Sexuality
EB grass Small problems
BEN reed Potential
IX jaguar Shadow self
MEN eagle Vision
CIB owl Flexibility
CABAN earthquake Solid grounding
ETZNAB mirror Decision
CAUAC storm Change
AHAU sun Power

Purpose or Intent of Tone

1                  UNITY
2                  DUALITY
3                  ACTION
4                  STABILITY
5                  EMPOWERMENT
6                  FLOW
7                  REFLECTION
8                  JUSTICE
9                  PATIENCE
10                MANIFESTATION
11                RESOLUTION
12                UNDERSTANDING
13                ASCENSION

Days numbered 1 are good for starting projects, especially those which relate to that daysign’s energy.  This is the start of a week (trecena) and the energy carries over until the next 1.

Days numbered 2-4 are low-energy days.  The energy may be muted.  These are days of contemplation and stillnes rather than action.

Days numbered 5-9 are balanced.  The energy is palpable.  These are optimal days of action and work.

Days numbered 10-12 are high-energy days.  The energy may be overwhelming.  These are also days of action, but cautious action — it’s easy to lose control and do too much.

Days numbered 13 are high-energy days and also time to end projects in a frantic final burst.

4 Responses to The Mayan Calendar

  1. Kev says:

    My mayan sign is 7 lamat. Is there any more detail on the associated energies of Lamat? All you say on your page is ‘Trouble’ which I’m sure you can imagine is not very reassuring for someone who finds out they were born on that day. In the Dreamspell i was kin 23, Blue Planetary Night. To be honest it felt much nicer but it’s inaccurate! please give me a reason to resonate with Lamat because i currently do not. Maybe i just have to learn to accept that i may be trouble for some? In case i’ve made a mistake my birthday is may the 31st, 1980. Infinite gratitude 🙂

    • stargates54 says:

      Hi Kev. I agree with you that “Trouble” is an oversimplistic word used to describe Lamat. Unfortunately, I cannot remember whose list that came from. I do know that Lamat is associated with fertility and general overindulgence, which includes drunkenness, promiscuity, addiction and other self-destructive behaviors. I know that Elvis Presley was a 2 Lamat and Jimi Hendrix was a 9 Lamat. I personally don’t know any Lamat people, but being a 7 Ahau, I know that the main job of the tone seven energy is to create the portal to the unknown, allowing us to stand in a doorway to different thought. Tone sevens bring in concepts and tools for the rest of humanity to play with.

      I hope that helps. If I find any more on Lamat, I will let you know. Thanks for the great question.

  2. JayLova says:

    very excited to have uncovered this truth just in Time! like Kev, i too feel my journey has been re-routed toward my kin 3 Cimi, although I had been previously been defined as red rhythmic dragon. thank you stargates for being a vessel.

    i am ready to shout from the mountain tops!!!

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