NOTICE:  Information on the Mayan days is excerpted from Bruce Scofield’s books “Day-Signs,” “Signs of Time,” “How to Practice Mayan Astrology,” and “The Aztec Circle of Destiny,” Ariel Spilsbury’s book “The Mayan Oracle,” Aluna Joy Yaxkin’s book, “Mayan Astrology,” and Gevera Bert’s book “Jaguar Nights.”  Bruce Scofield’s website is www.onereed.com.  Aluna Joy Yaxkin’s website is www.alunajoy.com.  Gevera Bert Piedmont’s website is www.obsidianbutterfly.com.



5 Responses to About

  1. Patrik says:


    just wanna say Thank you for posting on this site every day.
    Please keep the work up.

    best greetings

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you for posting this!
    One question, what timezone are you in?
    I’m on CET; for me it’s 8:12 of the 29th

    Is there any way you could release to day info a bit earlier 🙂

    warm regards Linda

    • stargates says:

      Hi Linda. Thanks for your comment. I’m in PST and I post as early as I can with WordPress, which is 00 hours of the following day. The daysigns do repeat every 20 days, so you can always go back in the blog and see what daysign came next after the current day. I’ve also found that the energy of the following day often starts coming in late in the day (even afternoon) of the current day. Hope that helps. Tara

  3. Rodor says:

    Greetings from faraway Russia.

    You are the bringer of Harmony into our controversial world with posting here everyday. Women are always keepers, while we, men, often are too uncareful with our common Home.
    Keep on, your deed is very important.

    Kind regards,
    Vsevolod “Rodor” Razumov (1 Etznab).

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