Mayan day – 8 Caban (Earthquake)

Earth Force – Creativity surges – Overzealous – Need for grounding

Rapid transfer of information.
Synchronistic events.  Unusual coincidences.
Synergistic meetings of people. 
Intense mental activity.  Rationalizing.
Extremely cerebral and logical, to the point of having poor judgment that’s based on logic alone.
Inability to accept your circumstances.
Wanting to make a radical change. 


Overzealous.  Rationalizing.  Jumping to conclusions.   
Pushing the limits.  Violent reactions. 
Mind-body disconnection.  Denial.
Difficulty being in the present moment.
Making shopping lists, living in the past and the future.
Need to be more patient and flexible. 
Observe and digest the data without drawing conclusions.

2 Responses to Mayan day – 8 Caban (Earthquake)

  1. This was very accurate for today, in my neck of the woods–

    • stargates says:

      Thanks Julie. I was going to write you and tell you how accurate YOU were for Sunday, September 22. Boy-oh-boy-oh-boy. I am kicking myself for not pinning that page from ECLIPSE to my forehead early in the day. It is now front and center in the morning’s news for me and I will not be caught unawares again. Let’s hope.

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