Mayan day – 12 Ik (Wind)

Wind – Breath of Spirit – Inspiration – Divine Communication – Changeability

Communications are all important now.  
Send communications of all kinds, verbal and written.   
Be spontaneous and adaptable. 
Act on inspiration as it comes to you. 
Need to communicate accurately and effectively.

Fickle, inconsistent, scattered.  
Moving from place to place, and from idea to idea, like the wind.
Being indecisive or non-committal.
Fears about responsibility and obligations.
Miscommunication, disagreements and a need for compromise.
Anger and defensiveness.   You or others may feel superior or condescending.

2 Responses to Mayan day – 12 Ik (Wind)

  1. contoveros says:

    I think I like this.

    I have been drawn to visit Mexico and hope to see a Mayan Temple or at least a ruin.

    Any suggestions for me and my 17-yr-old son to visit and when?

    michael j

    • stargates54 says:

      Hi Michael. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I visited Chichineza about twenty years ago on a trip to Cancun. It was definitely worth it. But I would definitely suggest that you avoid going in the summertime. It was godawful hot! My girlfriend and I did a Club Med Cancun down there which was a lot of fun, but that may be too sophisticated for a 17 yr. old. Good luck.

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