Oct. 31-Nov. 12: Mayan week of Ben (Reed)

October 31, 2009

Competency – Authority – Power – Action – Leadership – Extremist 

Powerful and crusading.
Masculine, forceful, and aggressive.
Fighter for principles.  Quick to take on challenges.
Ability to excel at whatever you choose.
Extremism that can result in great accomplishments.

High expectations and inflexible views. 
Being opinionated and intellectually rigid. 
Prone to argue.  Tendency to hold on to limited reference points.
Tendency to go to extremes.  Capable of burning themselves and others out when they get carried away.

Mayan day – 13 Eb (Human)

October 30, 2009

False bravado – Issues of lack – Emotional neediness – Self-sacrificing – Rebirth

Busyness.  Ambitious and hardworking.  
Making compromises to please others.
Holding in of negative emotions. 
Suppressing anger and resentment.   
Using hard work to constructively ventilate those feelings.

False bravado.  Others’ opinions matter too much. 
Taking out your suppressed anger in busywork.
Trying to figure it all out.  Difficulty expressing feelings.
Overusing the mind.  Over-intellectualizing.  Overvaluing the intellect.
Lack of self-nourishment.
This holding in of negative emotions and unexpressed resentment can lead to illness and self-inflicted wounds.

Mayan day – 12 Chuen (Monkey)

October 29, 2009

Chaos – Laughter – Spontaneity – Be in the Moment – Think out of the Box

Disruptions.  Chaos. 
A sudden re-ordering of things.
Clever, constructive solutions. 
A breakdown of structures, patterns and beliefs. 
Letting go of what we thought we knew about a person or situation.
Open to innovation – a different way of doing things. 

Struggle.  Being too serious.  Lighten up!
Short attention span.  Scatterdness. 
Holding rigidly to specific belief systems and thought patterns.
Be cooperative and compromising.  Relax and learn how to play.
Personal sensitivities stemming from unresolved childhood wounds.
Insensitivity, sarcasm and misuse of humor.  Projection.

Mayan day – 11 Oc (Dog)

October 28, 2009

New Beginnings – Breakthrough – Teamwork – Collaboration – Emotional-Body Issues
Cooperation, loyalty and assistance from others.
Teamwork and dedication lead to creative success.
Sensual pleasures.  Love of luxury.
Personal sacrifices for community, group or family.

Addiction to excitement, intrigue, and drama.
Deep emotional patterns that come up in relationships from unhealed childhood wounds.
Charged emotional reactions due to emotional immaturity.
Relationship dramas.  Hissy fits.  Old tapes:  “Oh, woe is me.”
Anger and frustration.  Misunderstanding of loyalties and ties.

Mayan day – 10 Muluc (Water)

October 27, 2009

Emotional – Reactionary – Changeability – Purification – Portal of Transformation

Bottled up emotions that are hard to control or contain. 
Frustration and anger.  The need to vent.
Uncontrollable urges.  Impulsive actions. 
Not listening to your inner guidance, even though you are getting clear signs.
Making choices based primarily on the desires and needs of the ego.

Lack of self-control and responsibility.
Over-reaction to events.  Going to extremes.
Irrational behavior.  Abuse of power. 
Compulsive and addictive behaviors. 
Sensitivity to criticism.  Self-criticism. 
Repeat patterns based on unresolved issues from childhood.

TODAY’S MANTRA:  Examine your old fears and belief codes that keep you from moving forward in your life.  Try new things.  Explore other options in your life.

Mayan day – 9 Lamat (Star)

October 26, 2009

Intense energy – Competitive – Risk – Daring – Extremes and excesses
A busy, productive period. 
Nervous mental energy, that at times lacks a focus. 
Ambition and the promotion of one’s cause.
Loves a good challenge.  Likes living on the edge.
Takes risks with their resources until their reserves are very low.  
Pushing the limits.

Overactive mind.  Obsessive-compulsive.
Compulsion to resolve disharmonious situations.
Over-identifying with the roles they play.
Avoid extremes and excesses.
Simplify; be willing to prune where necessary. 
Maintaining control in order to finish things.
When weakened may collapse into a “Black Hole.”

Mayan day – 8 Manik (Deer)

October 25, 2009

Community – Service – The Helping Hand

Participation in the community or with family.
Cooperation, generosity, and sharing.
A gateway from one understanding to another.
Shifting perspectives.  Be fluid, open to growth.
Set aside your usual framework and respond differently.

Distractions.  Procrastination.  Difficulty in completing things.
Inability to focus on the task at hand. 
Taking on too much; feeling inadequate, pressured or scattered.
Overidentifying with external tools such as books, astrology charts, or tarot.
Need for healing and completion.
Conflict between freedom and responsibility.  The desire to roam.

Mayan day – 7 Cimi (Death)

October 24, 2009

Death – Surrender – Catharsis – Spiritual Transformation

Transformation and change.   Sacrifice.
Letting go of old patterns.  Release and restructuring. 
The need to be in control or on top of the situation.
Achievement of goals.  Good day to tie up loose ends.
Discipline and organization skills.
Strong committment to community.
Feeling obliged to make sacrifices for others. 

Perfectionism.  Taking responsibilities too seriously.
Surrender your ego and give up trying to control things.
Face whatever you are resisting.
Let go of how you think things should be.

Mayan day – 6 Chicchan (Snake)

October 23, 2009

Body Wisdom – Sensuality – Gut Instinct –  Kundalini Energy – Creativity – Passion

Body wisdom.  Listen to your body’s signals. 
Capable of operating under very stressful conditions.
Strong will and emotions.  Intent on realizing your goals.
Inner conflicts.  Spiritual desires vs. material desires.
Explosive temper.  Upheavals.
Go with the flow.  Adaptations will need to be made to accommodate changes.

Suppressing and ignoring your body’s messages.
Making predictable choices based on familiarity and security rather than on intuitive wisdom.
Living your life on “automatic pilot.”
Over-scheduling the day, cramming in too much experience.
Not taking the proper steps, rushing to completion.
Indulgences in excesses:  food, sex, or work.
Shed your skin.  Allow your body to heal through rejuvenation and transformation.

Mayan day – 5 Kan (Seed)

October 22, 2009

New Beginnings – Seeding manifestation – Networking – Activist

Plant a new seed of some intention, project or dream.
Network.  Make new contacts.  Reconnect with others.
Experimental urges.  Take a risk.  Try something new. 
Overcome fear and insecurity.  Stretch your limits.
Open to a new growth experience.
Pay attention to your breathing.
Strong desire to appear before the public in some way.

Stagnation.  Doing things the way you’ve always done them.
Being overwhelmed with possiblities results in creative block, mediocrity.
Insecurity.  “My world is fine the way it is,” or “I can’t do that,” or “I’m just fine the way I am,” or “I feel too inadequate.”
Choosing to remain safe at the expense of awakening and new growth.
Wanting to remain protected and seemingly invulnerable.
Waiting for someone or something else to “do it for you.”