Mayan day – 9 Ik (Wind)

Wind – Breath of Spirit – Inspiration – Divine Communication – Changeability
Communications are all important now.   Send communications of all kinds, verbal and written.   
Be spontaneous and adaptable.  Act on inspiration as it comes to you. 
Moving from place to place, and from idea to idea, like the wind.
A need to communicate accurately and effectively.

Fickle, inconsistent, scattered.  
Being indecisive or non-committal.
Fears about responsibility and obligations.
Anger and defensiveness; you or others may feel superior or condescending.

One Response to Mayan day – 9 Ik (Wind)

  1. Dear Reader,

    In 2007, I learned from a close friend of mine that my Mayan Birthday sign was 9 IK. His Mayan elder/Teacher had published the very first Mayan Astrology book in the Spanish language. It has never been published in English, but my friend has an English translation.

    Before I ever knew I was 9 IK, I was given a prophecy on Spring Solstice of 1998 concerning “2005, Year Of The Great Havoc.”

    It was certainly fulfilled in 2005. One orthodox Rabbi in Israel characterized that prophecy as the most detailed fulfillment of prophecy in 2700 years.

    I take no credit… it was given to me by Creator, and I was commanded to write it down immediately as I received it, and I put it on my website right away.

    In 2008, I learned that on Spring Solstice of 1998 began the Week of 9 IK.

    Wow, I was blown away. There really IS something to Mayan Astrology!


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