Mayan day – 8 Imix (Crocodile)

Enhanced creativity and inspiration.
An intense need to birth new projects and nurture them.
Tendency to nurture others in a parental way, expecting the same treatment in return.  (Good luck with that one)
Starting new projects even when the current one is not yet finished.
Biding your time.  Controlling a situation. 
Lying still for long periods of time, and then bursting into activity.
Heightened reactivity to any changes taking place around you, frequently rushing in to “keep the dam from breaking.”

Feeling unsupported in life.  Struggle for security.  Lack of trust.
Caught in the struggle created by expectations.
Oversupporting others, giving too much, abandoning your own needs for others.
Overprotective, dominating, territorial.
Making mountains out of molehills.
Critical and fussy.  Extremely touchy and sensitive. 
Difficulty taking criticism, reacting defensively when corrected.
Being overly attached to being a caretaker, a self-sacrificing source of support and nurturance for others.
Expecting others to intuitively know your feelings; you are responsible for communicating them.
Neediness and co-dependency.  Look at your own issues of basic security, self-worth, and the need for outside validation.

2 Responses to Mayan day – 8 Imix (Crocodile)

  1. jenn says:

    i was a little freaked that my son and myself are both 8 imix. we couldnt be 2 different people! is there any significance to the fact the we are the same? my bd 8/17/1960 his 5/29/1983. so weird!

    • stargates54 says:

      Thank you for your question! It is true that you and your son were both born on the daysign 8 Imix, in the week of 1 Ix. However, you were born under the 1 Lord in the Year ruled by the East, and he was born under the 6 Lord in the Year ruled by the South. The Lords are felt to represent a kind of inherited or genetic impulse, and may predict something about a person’s darker side and inner tendencies, which may be subconscious. (“How to Practice Mayan Astrology” by Bruce Scofield) The Years represent more generational qualities. The Years ruled by the East are regarded as creative and mental, and people tend to be competitive self-starters and activists who work hard at being progressive. The Years ruled by the South are characterized by good business and health, and produced people that were strongly motivated by feelings and emotions. Persons born under the 1 Lord tend to be direct, assertive and want to be where the action is. They have an uncontrollable urge to put themselves first. Those people born under the 6 Lord are self-controlled, practical, traditional and entrepreneurial. They are driven to succeed in the world in order to prove their self-worth. I hope this answers some of the questions as to why you two are different. I don’t know the significance of you both being born on the same daysign and trecena (week). You might ask Bruce Scofield. Thanks for the great question.

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