Mayan day – 7 Ahau (Flower)

Change of plans.  Unfulfilled expectations.
Passion for creativity, such as that of an artist or writer.
Motivated by your dreams and ideals.
Considerable devotion and dedication to a cause or crusade.
Taking on great responsibility in your work. 
Socially awkward, but well-intentioned.
Obsession with the future and perfection.

Handling disappointments due to unrealistic expectations. 
Rigid belief systems.  Unwillingness to compromise your ideals.   
Giving up your own better sense to accommodate others.
Overly attached to the ideals of society.
Unrealistic choices, leading to unbalanced personal lives.
Difficulties in close relationships because your expectations are so unrealistic and difficult to obtain.
Feeling disconnected from your own true nature because you are identifying with an ideal of society. 
Judging yourself, others and God in extreme and unrealistic ways.
Not being able to accept yourself — with unconditional love. 
Need to be flexible and accept yourself and your condition as it is.

Happy Birthday to me.  Today is my Mayan birthday.

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