Mayan day – 6 Cauac (Storm)

Intensity of concern about your health.
A breakdown of your old beliefs, catalyzing you to transformation. 
Breakdown becomes breakthrough. 
Clear old patterns and bad habits that are not working.  Your issues are being brought out for you to address.
Cleansing and healing needed, like that of a purifying storm.
We are being asked to leave our comfort zone.
Inner storm:  internal contradictions and paradoxes.
You need to become clear about what you personally want and need in life.
Notice your dreams – they may be leading you to transformation.

Difficult tests.  Intense feelings that accompany profound growth. 
Feeling overwhelmed.  Feeling as though your life is not working the way it used to.
Denials and addictive patterns.
Unconsciously trying to nurture yourself through food or drink.
Greed and selfishness, the kind of thinking where if “one is good, three must be better.”
Fear of jumping into the unknown.

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