Mayan day – 5 Etznab (Knife)

Decisiveness, clarity.  Seeing your problems clearly now. 
An opportunity to address a part of yourself that you may have been avoiding or have not seen clearly.  Letting go of illusions and facing your shadows.
Pain and suffering.  Sacrificing oneself for others.
The importance of good judgment, decisiveness, and the correct timing of one’s actions.
Restlessness, taking risks.  Seeking out powerful and transformative experiences.
Overcoming obstacles, personal limitations, and finding solutions to longstanding problems.

Feeling stuck in an old pattern.
Charged reactions such as frustration, fear, anger, judgment, or jealousy.
Repressed feelings and pent-up emotions that explode when self-sacrifice to others is out of balance with self-interest.
Holding to a fixed position, convinced that only you are “right.”
Vanity and self-absorption.

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