Mayan day – 9 Ik (Wind)

September 30, 2009

Wind – Breath of Spirit – Inspiration – Divine Communication – Changeability
Communications are all important now.   Send communications of all kinds, verbal and written.   
Be spontaneous and adaptable.  Act on inspiration as it comes to you. 
Moving from place to place, and from idea to idea, like the wind.
A need to communicate accurately and effectively.

Fickle, inconsistent, scattered.  
Being indecisive or non-committal.
Fears about responsibility and obligations.
Anger and defensiveness; you or others may feel superior or condescending.

Mayan day – 8 Imix (Crocodile)

September 29, 2009

Enhanced creativity and inspiration.
An intense need to birth new projects and nurture them.
Tendency to nurture others in a parental way, expecting the same treatment in return.  (Good luck with that one)
Starting new projects even when the current one is not yet finished.
Biding your time.  Controlling a situation. 
Lying still for long periods of time, and then bursting into activity.
Heightened reactivity to any changes taking place around you, frequently rushing in to “keep the dam from breaking.”

Feeling unsupported in life.  Struggle for security.  Lack of trust.
Caught in the struggle created by expectations.
Oversupporting others, giving too much, abandoning your own needs for others.
Overprotective, dominating, territorial.
Making mountains out of molehills.
Critical and fussy.  Extremely touchy and sensitive. 
Difficulty taking criticism, reacting defensively when corrected.
Being overly attached to being a caretaker, a self-sacrificing source of support and nurturance for others.
Expecting others to intuitively know your feelings; you are responsible for communicating them.
Neediness and co-dependency.  Look at your own issues of basic security, self-worth, and the need for outside validation.

Mayan day – 7 Ahau (Flower)

September 28, 2009

Change of plans.  Unfulfilled expectations.
Passion for creativity, such as that of an artist or writer.
Motivated by your dreams and ideals.
Considerable devotion and dedication to a cause or crusade.
Taking on great responsibility in your work. 
Socially awkward, but well-intentioned.
Obsession with the future and perfection.

Handling disappointments due to unrealistic expectations. 
Rigid belief systems.  Unwillingness to compromise your ideals.   
Giving up your own better sense to accommodate others.
Overly attached to the ideals of society.
Unrealistic choices, leading to unbalanced personal lives.
Difficulties in close relationships because your expectations are so unrealistic and difficult to obtain.
Feeling disconnected from your own true nature because you are identifying with an ideal of society. 
Judging yourself, others and God in extreme and unrealistic ways.
Not being able to accept yourself — with unconditional love. 
Need to be flexible and accept yourself and your condition as it is.

Happy Birthday to me.  Today is my Mayan birthday.

Mayan day – 6 Cauac (Storm)

September 27, 2009

Intensity of concern about your health.
A breakdown of your old beliefs, catalyzing you to transformation. 
Breakdown becomes breakthrough. 
Clear old patterns and bad habits that are not working.  Your issues are being brought out for you to address.
Cleansing and healing needed, like that of a purifying storm.
We are being asked to leave our comfort zone.
Inner storm:  internal contradictions and paradoxes.
You need to become clear about what you personally want and need in life.
Notice your dreams – they may be leading you to transformation.

Difficult tests.  Intense feelings that accompany profound growth. 
Feeling overwhelmed.  Feeling as though your life is not working the way it used to.
Denials and addictive patterns.
Unconsciously trying to nurture yourself through food or drink.
Greed and selfishness, the kind of thinking where if “one is good, three must be better.”
Fear of jumping into the unknown.

Mayan day – 5 Etznab (Knife)

September 26, 2009

Decisiveness, clarity.  Seeing your problems clearly now. 
An opportunity to address a part of yourself that you may have been avoiding or have not seen clearly.  Letting go of illusions and facing your shadows.
Pain and suffering.  Sacrificing oneself for others.
The importance of good judgment, decisiveness, and the correct timing of one’s actions.
Restlessness, taking risks.  Seeking out powerful and transformative experiences.
Overcoming obstacles, personal limitations, and finding solutions to longstanding problems.

Feeling stuck in an old pattern.
Charged reactions such as frustration, fear, anger, judgment, or jealousy.
Repressed feelings and pent-up emotions that explode when self-sacrifice to others is out of balance with self-interest.
Holding to a fixed position, convinced that only you are “right.”
Vanity and self-absorption.

Mayan day – 4 Caban (Earthquake)

September 25, 2009

Initiating and forceful.  Pushing the limits.
Wanting to make a radical change.
Rapid transmitting of information.
Synchronistic events.  Unusual coincidences. 
Synergistic meetings of people.  
Sudden unexpected change.

Overzealous.  Violent reactions.
Difficulty adjusting to unrealized expectations. 
Jumping to conclusions.
Overinterpreting signs and symbols. 
Rationalizing, which could lead to bad judgments and poor choices. 
Difficulty staying in the present moment.
Misplaced priorities.
Making shopping lists.  Living in the past and the future.
Inability to accept your circumstances.
Disassociation from your body.  Denial. 
Need to ground back to Earth again.

Mayan day – 3 Cib (Owl)

September 24, 2009

Sense of limitation.
Inner voice.  Subtle messages of divine guidance.
Taking life very seriously, or even gravely.  Fatalism.
Extreme sensitivity to authority or to those who might judge us in some way. 
Deep fear of rejection and guilt that affect self-esteem.

Not listening to your inner voice, your feelings, your moment-by-moment guidance.
Giving in to whims, emotions, and personal wishes.
Race-mind clouding intelligence.
Not trusting in your own gifts and abilities.
Self-consciousness and personal insecurities.
Self-doubt and fear.
A rejection complex.

Mayan day – 2 Men (Eagle)

September 23, 2009

Clarity.  Achievement.  Keen intelligence. 
Higher vision and expanded perspective. 
Big dreams and visions. 
Extremely high ambitions. 
Focus on achieving our most cherished goals.
Perfectionist, capable of handling much detail. 
Tendency to create challenging situations.
Constant internal pressure to activate the transformation process.

Feeling discouraged and overwhelmed by our current state of affairs.
Escapist.  Denying the reality of our situation. 
Giving in to indulgences. 
Rash decisions and actions.
Taking on too much.  Addiction to perfection. 
Hopelessness, despair, loss of joy.  Futility.
Being obsessed with service to others. 
Rescuer complex.  Self-sacrificing behavior.  Not being able to say no. 
Vitality in trouble.  Need to nurture self.

Mayan day – 1 Ix (Jaguar)

September 22, 2009

Issues of ego, power and control.
Need for approval, recognition or status.
Communications may be aggressive, but indirect and even passive-aggressive, as we may feel that our power comes through secrecy and controlling information.
Quick decisions are required testing our ability to stay in integrity.
Tendency to become absorbed in making plans or effecting strategies.
Psychotherapy, healing and counseling skills.
Complex relationships with spouses, relatives and friends.

Ego.  Lack of integrity.
A need to control, to hold on, to have things your way. 
Willfullness.  Reckless and prideful behaviors.
Entangled relationships.
Aggressive search for spiritual truth.   Learn to commit to a relationship or project, but don’t be taken over by it either.
Overuse of the mind.  Overvaluing the intellect.
Mind and heart are out of alignment.
Nature has been or is being abused.
Disconnection from nature and/or the Divine.
Disassociation from self and peers.
Acting from fears and insecurities, perhaps from deep wounds of pain, anger or betrayal.

Mayan day – 10 Oc (Dog)

September 18, 2009

Connections to the community.
Working with others.  Team spirit.
Cooperation, loyalty and helpfulness in relationships.
Personal sacrifices for community, group or family.

Emotional immaturity.
Addiction to excitement, intrigue, and drama.
Relationship dramas.
Charged emotional reactions due to emotional immaturity.
Hissy fits.  Old tapes:  “Woe is me.”