Mayan day – 3 Oc (Dog)

10dog_s[1]In Mayan tradition, Oc is represented by the dog. The dog, then as now, is a symbol of  loyalty, teamwork, and companionship. Oc are generous and are always willing to help those who ask for favors. Expect to be surrounded today by good friends and people who care about you and what happens to you. They may even be willing to make many personal sacrifices on your behalf.  Because family approval and personal sacrifice have shaped Oc’s life, they must learn to deal with feelings of resentment when life does not live up to their ideals.  This can cause Oc to continually become caught up in family dramas.  As a result, we may see charged reactions today due to emotional immaturity.  The drama and emotion of Oc activate a positive outcome by helping to illumine the root cause of situations.  Strong negative emotions usually come from deeply hidden wounds and unresolved conflicts.  Oc are idealists and can be resistant to what is really happening and can lose touch with reality.  They tend to fixate on one ideal and have a difficult time freeing themselves from a one-track mind.  This loyalty to ideals, combined with anger, fear and jealousy can keep Oc from uniting with others and drawing ideas from other sources.  Oc’s challenge is to witness life situations from many perspectives.  When deep-seated issues are healed, they can inspire loyalty to others and to humanity as a whole.

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