Mayan day – 2 Muluc (Water)

09offer_s[1]The Aztec name for Muluc is “Atl,” which means “water.”  Water symbolizes the volatility of emotions that change from moment to moment. Strong feelings and powerful emotions are being called forth now and will be hard to control or contain. Such intense emotional change generates high energies and impulsive actions and responses. Powerful feelings, not logic, will lead to choices. Muluc is an extreme sign and can become rigid and uncompromising. When strong feelings are aroused, they can sometimes turn negatively into compulsive and addictive behaviors. I can remember many Muluc days when I just blew my top and acted irrationally. The challenge for Muluc is to control the self and take responsibility for what it has started. Another shadow aspect of Muluc is making life choices based on the desires and needs of the ego, instead of listening to your intuitive guidance. Notice where you are not paying attention to signs and signals of internal proddings, even though you are getting clear signs. Interestingly, this daysign’s main weakness is a need for public recognition that stems from a deep-seated inferiority complex, most likely caused by a domineering mother. Ouch! Can I get a witness?

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