Mayan day – 1 Lamat (Star)

08star_s[1]The daysign Lamat, meaning Star, is a sign of intense energy that, at times, lacks a focus.  Those born under it are nervous and always busy at something.  Their minds are overactive and they can become obsessive/compulsive.  They thrive on pushing the limits and living on the edge.  Beneath the surface personality of those born on this day is a competitor and a fighter.  They love a challenge and will take risks in life in order to create conflict.  Today, we will probably take on enormous amounts of work and will be very productive.  We may take risks with our resources until our reserves are very low.  The challenge  is to keep ourselves under control in order to finish things.  Be willing to appreciate or prune where necessary.  Simplify.  Avoid extremes and excesses.  When a Star believes it has given too much, it is weakened and may even collapse into a “Black Hole.”

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