August 27-Sept. 8 – Mayan week of Lamat (Star)

We are beginning a new 13-day cycle of manifestation and transformation.  What you wish for in the beginning of the pulse will find its way into your reality by accessing the consciousness of each day’s process.  On the first day of the Mayan week, it is important to establish your goal and set your intentions for what you would like to manifest in these 13 days.  Align your goals with the theme of the current week.  This week’s theme is Lamat, learning the lessons of disharmony.  Do not take on more than you can handle.  Keep yourself under control in order to finish things.  Cultivate harmony in your daily life.  Avoid extremes and excesses.  Release situations that appear to limit your experience of harmony.  Re-direct nervous mental energy into physical outlets.  Do you over-identify with the roles you play?  The tendency of Lamat is to give too much to others and give their power away.  Simplify.  Develop a strong core; foster a deep belief in the self.  Free your self-judgment and critical nature.  If you wish to transform yourself, Lamat is here to help you.  Lamat is offering an expanded view of the larger self and new ways of perceiving reality.  Through self-acceptance, you will become aware of the harmony that already exists in your life.

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