Tarot card of the day – The Moon

The Moon card, represented  by Pisces, is the final test of mental clarity and physical strength.  The Universe is asking “Are you going to be in illusion anymore?”  On the physical level, you must face the things you fear most.  The water in this card represents the emotional pressures the Moon places on us as we move through this section of the Trumps.  In the previous card (The Star) you found out that hope is the key to continued success.  Now the Universe is going to check and see if you really got the message.  It is easier to stay hopeful when you can see what is ahead.  With the Moon you cannot readily see the outcome.  When you have to go it alone without any guarantees it can be quite scary and unnerving.   But this is the test.  The Moon card is about letting go of what other people think.  It is the phrase “What you think of me is none of my business.”   You may want to escape reality by becoming depressed or numbing out with addictions and distractions to avoid  facing the issue.  With the Moon card, you are being put on notice that you need to bring yourself back to the present moment.  If you are depressed, get help.  Don’t let the illusion of the Moon card pull you into despair.

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