Mayan day – 13 Manik (Deer)

07deer_s[1]Manik (pronounced “mah-neek”) is a sign of fellowship and participation in the community.  Cooperation, generosity, and service to others will be a main focus today.  Help others and allow them to help you.  Watch for shifting perspectives and new openings being presented to you now.  As you open to growth, set aside your usual framework and respond differently.  Manik is offering you a gateway from one understanding to another.  In the spirit of service and self-sacrifice, you may take on too much and feel pressured and scattered.  You may have difficulty in completing things and have a tendency to procrastinate.   Completion is difficult if you feel inadequate or displeased with the possible outcome of your efforts.  You would be served by looking at how you identify yourself with your belief systems, definitions, roles, and ideals.  Note what these identifications draw into your life.  Another shadow of Manik is the issue of acquiring tools, thinking the tool has the power.  If you are over-identified with and attached to your tools, such as books, astrology charts, symbols, or systems, you may believe the power is outside yourself.  Remember that you are the tool through which Spirit speaks.

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