Tarot card of the day – Justice

The Justice card is the Adjustment card in other Tarot decks. Justice is the card for Libra, which represents the sign of balance and diplomacy. It appears anytime something has to be negotiated and agreed upon by more than one person. When this card shows up, you need to look back to what you agreed. If you are not doing what you said, a reprimand may be on the way. With this card you are learning to honor others by your willingness to respect traditions and make legal agreements binding. You are learning to keep your promises. Emotionally, this card is about the potential disruptive influence of loved ones such as in a divorce or separation.  When this card shows up it is time to look at what type of emotional experiences could come up in your life to create disruption and chaos.  Reversed, this card is a warning that you are out of touch with yourself and your heart. Something in your life is out of balance and is making itself known or you are about to get informed about it.  Tell the truth to yourself about what is not working and make an adjustment.

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