Mayan day – 13 Imix (Crocodile)

01croc_s[1]Imix (pronounced “ee-meesh”) represents the nurturing qualities of the crocodile. Crocodiles are relatively primitive animals with strong maternal instincts. Today, like the animal for which the sign is named, you may have a tendency to nurture others in a maternal way and expect the same kind of treatment in return.  Alternatively, you may feel unsupported by others and experience feelings of rejection.  This can appear as a lack of basic trust in the Source to nurture you and provide what is needed for your journey.  Do you feel unsupported in your life or caught in the struggle created by expectations? Any apparent lack of support actually bears a gift. You are being given important lessons that are required for your growth. In the time of Imix, you, or someone in your life may be overly attached to being a caretaker, or a self-sacrificing source of support and nurturance for others. Look at how you may have abandoned your own needs and feelings for another. Don’t expect others to intuitively know your feelings; you are responsible for communicating them. Whether you find yourself in the role of giver, or the one in need, Imix urges you to look at issues of basic security, self-worth, and the need for outside validation.

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