Mayan day – 12 Ahau (Sun)

20sun_s[1]Ahau (pronounced “ah-how”) is the sign of artists and poets, those who are motivated by their dreams and ideals. They have a beautiful vision of what life, and most importantly what life with another can be.  In many cases, their obsession with the future and perfection leads to illusions and disappointments. They can have serious difficulties in close relationships because their expectations are so unrealistic and difficult to obtain. Ahau is a stubborn sign that rarely gives in to a less than perfect situation.  One major problem is their unwillingness to compromise their ideals. Ahau types are determined people who would rather not participate than have to accept a less-than-perfect situation. Their devotion and dedication to another, or even to a cause or crusade, is considerable. They may even give up their own better sense to accommodate others. They are quick to sacrifice their own desires in order to make others happy, but become disappointed when this sacrifice is not appreciated. Today we need to combine idealism with realism, and accept a world that is not up to our hopes and wishes.  Release judgments and expectations and allow others to have different ideas and perspectives. Don’t depend on others to fulfill your vision. Try to understand their needs, make less demands on them and try to see the perfection that is everywhere, all the time.

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