Mayan day – 11 Cauac (Storm)

19storm_s[1]To the Maya, Cauac (pronounced “cow-AHK”)  is the final test, the thunderstorm full of purifying rain and lightning that shatters any remaining illusions.  It is a symbol of the inner storm, as the separation between heart and mind is intensified, and your feelings are magnified.  At first, you may feel as though your life is not working the way it used to.  You may feel overwhelmed, like you have hit a wall and have reached a crisis point.  There may be a breakdown in your health and energy.  The intensity you feel at this time is the restructuring and purification at this time of Cauac.  Your issues are being catalyzed and brought out for you to address.  As you experience a breakdown within the pattern of your old beliefs, breakdown becomes breakthrough.  Allow Cauac’s storm to cleanse and transform you.  In Cauac’s shadow, you may tend to deny your feelings and your growth process, seeking to escape through denial and addictive patterns.  Be careful, as this denial only amplifies and intensifies the feelings until you do something about them.  Know that the intensity of your process is healing your issues and returning you to unity with Source.

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