Mayan day – 9 Caban (Earth)

17earth_s[1]Caban types have intense emotions and can have major problems adjusting to unrealized expectations.  Sometimes they may rationalize everything to a point where bad judgments and poor choices are made.  This can lead to perspectives that become excessively conceptualized, not based in truth and reality.  They need to learn how to be more flexible and patient with life experience and flow with Spirit’s intention.  Today we will notice a rapid transfer of information and syngergistic workings of destiny bringing people together.  We will have a tendency to be overzealous and may jump to conclusions. We may have violent reactions and want to make a radical change.  Instead of staying in the present, we will be focusing on the past and the future. The challenge for us today will be to stay centered and grounded in the here and now.  Accept your circumstances and connect yourself back to the earth and your body. Observe and digest the data without drawing conclusions. Don’t over-think your experiences; be more patient and flexible and allow the larger pattern to emerge.  The influence of Caban is anchoring you so that you can ground your identity to Earth once again.

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