Mayan day – 13 Imix (Crocodile)

July 31, 2009

01croc_s[1]Imix (pronounced “ee-meesh”) represents the nurturing qualities of the crocodile. Crocodiles are relatively primitive animals with strong maternal instincts. Today, like the animal for which the sign is named, you may have a tendency to nurture others in a maternal way and expect the same kind of treatment in return.  Alternatively, you may feel unsupported by others and experience feelings of rejection.  This can appear as a lack of basic trust in the Source to nurture you and provide what is needed for your journey.  Do you feel unsupported in your life or caught in the struggle created by expectations? Any apparent lack of support actually bears a gift. You are being given important lessons that are required for your growth. In the time of Imix, you, or someone in your life may be overly attached to being a caretaker, or a self-sacrificing source of support and nurturance for others. Look at how you may have abandoned your own needs and feelings for another. Don’t expect others to intuitively know your feelings; you are responsible for communicating them. Whether you find yourself in the role of giver, or the one in need, Imix urges you to look at issues of basic security, self-worth, and the need for outside validation.

Tarot card of the day – Justice

July 31, 2009

The Justice card is the Adjustment card in other Tarot decks. Justice is the card for Libra, which represents the sign of balance and diplomacy. It appears anytime something has to be negotiated and agreed upon by more than one person. When this card shows up, you need to look back to what you agreed. If you are not doing what you said, a reprimand may be on the way. With this card you are learning to honor others by your willingness to respect traditions and make legal agreements binding. You are learning to keep your promises. Emotionally, this card is about the potential disruptive influence of loved ones such as in a divorce or separation.  When this card shows up it is time to look at what type of emotional experiences could come up in your life to create disruption and chaos.  Reversed, this card is a warning that you are out of touch with yourself and your heart. Something in your life is out of balance and is making itself known or you are about to get informed about it.  Tell the truth to yourself about what is not working and make an adjustment.

Mayan day – 12 Ahau (Sun)

July 30, 2009

20sun_s[1]Ahau (pronounced “ah-how”) is the sign of artists and poets, those who are motivated by their dreams and ideals. They have a beautiful vision of what life, and most importantly what life with another can be.  In many cases, their obsession with the future and perfection leads to illusions and disappointments. They can have serious difficulties in close relationships because their expectations are so unrealistic and difficult to obtain. Ahau is a stubborn sign that rarely gives in to a less than perfect situation.  One major problem is their unwillingness to compromise their ideals. Ahau types are determined people who would rather not participate than have to accept a less-than-perfect situation. Their devotion and dedication to another, or even to a cause or crusade, is considerable. They may even give up their own better sense to accommodate others. They are quick to sacrifice their own desires in order to make others happy, but become disappointed when this sacrifice is not appreciated. Today we need to combine idealism with realism, and accept a world that is not up to our hopes and wishes.  Release judgments and expectations and allow others to have different ideas and perspectives. Don’t depend on others to fulfill your vision. Try to understand their needs, make less demands on them and try to see the perfection that is everywhere, all the time.

Tarot card of the day – The Wheel of Fortune

July 30, 2009

The Wheel of Fortune is also known as the Wheel of Karma. It is time to make a decision. You have to take a gamble and decide where you want to place your bet. When you are willing to choose new experiences, then everything begins to change. It may feel like you are taking a risk, but your inner self is aligned with the change in the moment. Change may look like moving homes, changing relationships, taking a new job, etc. This may feel like a leap of faith, but the universe is actually promoting this change. It is forcing you to do what will be so much better for you. When you change, you are choosing to get off the karmic wheel that has gotten you stuck. This is a moment of breakthrough. You finally realize that something inside needs to change. Only when you experience that awareness, can you change your fortune. If the card is reversed, you may want to jump, but your timing is a little off. The risk at this time may be too high. Be careful that you are not becoming a risk junkie, someone who needs to feel that adrenaline rush just for the sake of the chase and the game.

Mayan day – 11 Cauac (Storm)

July 29, 2009

19storm_s[1]To the Maya, Cauac (pronounced “cow-AHK”)  is the final test, the thunderstorm full of purifying rain and lightning that shatters any remaining illusions.  It is a symbol of the inner storm, as the separation between heart and mind is intensified, and your feelings are magnified.  At first, you may feel as though your life is not working the way it used to.  You may feel overwhelmed, like you have hit a wall and have reached a crisis point.  There may be a breakdown in your health and energy.  The intensity you feel at this time is the restructuring and purification at this time of Cauac.  Your issues are being catalyzed and brought out for you to address.  As you experience a breakdown within the pattern of your old beliefs, breakdown becomes breakthrough.  Allow Cauac’s storm to cleanse and transform you.  In Cauac’s shadow, you may tend to deny your feelings and your growth process, seeking to escape through denial and addictive patterns.  Be careful, as this denial only amplifies and intensifies the feelings until you do something about them.  Know that the intensity of your process is healing your issues and returning you to unity with Source.

Tarot card of the day – The Hermit

July 29, 2009

The Hermit card is aligned with Virgo’s love to analyze and painstakingly seek to know and understand. This is a time when you need to be alone to sort out the confusing patterns in your life. On the emotional level, you are searching for a breakthrough. You are looking for a release from the frantic pace of life. You know there is more but chasing after it doesn’t seem to work. You are now forced by your reality, or by a need, to understand who you are in the grand picture of life.  To do this you must look inside at the shadow aspects of yourself that you have been avoiding.  Here the only guide is you.  No one at this time will have the answer you are looking for.  If you keep searching for the perfect answer, teacher, or guru you will find disappointment and frustration.  It is time to begin to look into your own shadow aspects; the parts of yourself that you have not wanted to see.  Questions to ask: Why can I not sit still?  How can I allow my brain to stop for just a moment?  Who am I if I don’t do what everyone wants me to do?  Where am I obsessive-compulsive? With the card reversed, you are unwilling to listen to the quiet voice within. Your life is too full of noise. You may not know how to take a break. You are a person in danger of burning out. You may be so concerned with the physical world that you are neglecting your emotional and spiritual well-being.  Eventually this will take its toll on your health if you are not careful.

Mayan day – 10 Etznab (Knife/Mirror)

July 28, 2009

18flint_s[1]Etznab is the knife that cuts through illusions and offers you an opportunity to address a part of yourself that you may have been avoiding or have not seen clearly. This is your chance to see the truth. Etznab is about letting go of illusions and facing your shadows. It may create discomfort and even pain so that you are encouraged to look for new patterns that will restore harmony. In the shadow of Etznab, you may feel confused or lost in the reflection of your own emotional issues. Sometimes you may find yourself reacting rather than responding naturally to a person or situation. If you have charged reactions such as frustration, fear, anger, judgment, or jealousy, look at how you might be projecting these issues onto someone else. Any strong reaction to a person or event signals an issue to work on in yourself. Learn from the mirrors provided by other people and situations to cut through the illusions in your life.