Mayan day – 8 Oc (Dog)

June 30, 2009

10dog_s[1]In Mayan tradition, Oc is represented by the dog. The dog, then as now, is a symbol of guidance, loyalty, and companionship. Expect to be surrounded today by good friends and people who care about you and what happens to you. They may even be willing to make many personal sacrifices on your behalf. Cooperation and teamwork are definitely favored today. This sign’s challenge, however, is emotional maturity – healing father-related and authority issues. We may see charged reactions today due to emotional immaturity. I remember throwing hissy fits on Oc days and playing the old “Woe is me” tape. Look for addiction to excitement, intrigue and drama. And, as with the dog, sensual pleasures run deep. Keep a watch on that diet!

Tarot card of the day – The Fool

June 30, 2009

The Fool is the first card in the Major Arcana. It is here to assist you in creaing new movement to propel you into new and uncharted places within your life. It is the desire for change inside that pulls you to change your external situations. The test with the Fool is to start over, to begin again. It is about taking a risk without knowing what the outcome will be. It is time to step out of your old safety zone and create something better in your life. Expansion of awareness happens when you let yourself out of the old patterns. At the beginning with the Fool, it is always best to stay open and humble. Admit that yoiu don’t really know what the outcome will be. On the emotional level, you may be experiencing the fear of change or fear of taking risks. Don’t panic, change is good. Tell your mind that everything is not going to fall apart if you simply try something new. If it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to your old way. Understand that no matter what happens, you will grow from the experience. Decide to step forward and realize that you are ready for something new. If you are not awake to the subtleties of your life and refuse to change, you are being a Fool.

Mayan day – 7 Muluc (Water)

June 29, 2009

09offer_s[1]The Aztec name for Muluc is “Atl,” which means “water.”  Water symbolizes the volatility of emotions that change from moment to moment. Strong feelings and powerful emotions are being called forth now and will be hard to control or contain. Such intense emotional change generates high energies and impulsive actions and responses. Powerful feelings, not logic, will lead to choices. Muluc is an extreme sign and can become rigid and uncompromising. When strong feelings are aroused, they can sometimes turn negatively into compulsive and addictive behaviors. I can remember many Muluc days when I just blew my top and acted irrationally. The challenge for Muluc is to control the self and take responsibility for what it has started. Another shadow aspect of Muluc is making life choices based on the desires and needs of the ego, instead of listening to your intuitive guidance. Notice where you are not paying attention to signs and signals of internal proddings, even though you are getting clear signs. Interestingly, this daysign’s main weakness is a need for public recognition that stems from a deep-seated inferiority complex, most likely caused by a domineering mother. Ouch! Can I get a witness?

Tarot card of the day – The World

June 29, 2009

The World is the last card of the Tarot deck and represents completion of the old work. Saturn rules this card because completions are hard work and require effort in order to succeed. You have traveled a long journey and have liberated yourself from your own bondage. On the emotional level, The World card creates a feeling as if you have finally found the last few pieces of a puzzle, it finally makes sense, and you understand the picture of your life. You have expanded your perception beyond the boundaries of what you previously perceived. You have arrived at this time to a completion point. Enjoy it as long as it lasts. It might be time to have a party. Create some way of acknowledging yourself for a job well done.

Mayan day – 6 Lamat (Star)

June 28, 2009

08star_s[1]The daysign Lamat, meaning Star, appears to be a sign of intense energy that, at times, lacks a focus.  Those born under it are nervous and always busy at something.  Beneath the surface personality of those born on this day is a competitor and fighter.  They love a confrontation and will take risks in life in order to create conflict.  Today, we will probably take on enormous amounts of work and will be very productive.  The challenge  is to keep ourselves under control in order to finish things.  The transformation of Lamat is found by becoming aware of the existing harmony or disharmony in our lives.  Be willing to appreciate or prune where necessary.  Simplify.  Avoid extremes and excesses.  When a Star believes it has given too much, they are weakened and may even collapse into a “Black Hole.”

Tarot card of the day – Judgment

June 28, 2009

The Judgment card is here to remind you to check to see how adaptable you are to changes in your life. You have finally arrived at the place of discernment and awareness. You are no longer caught by old belief systems. Your mind is flexible and adaptable to new circumstances and developments. You are to be congratulated. With the Judgment card, you have finally made a decision about things and patterns in the past that no longer serve the development of your soul. You are willing to take a new direction and step out of reactive behavior. Reversed, the Judgment card means that your discernment is still not seeing things clearly. You need to see if there is a pattern happening again in your life around power and control. The universe is testing your ability to discern this situation correctly and to respond appropriately. You are in danger of falling into the old trap.

Mayan day – 5 Manik (Deer)

June 27, 2009

07deer_s[1]Manik (pronounced “mah-neek”) is a sign of fellowship and participation in the community.  Cooperation, generosity, and service to others will be a main focus today.  Help others and allow them to help you.  Watch for shifting perspectives and new openings being presented to you now.  As you open to growth, set aside your usual framework and respond differently.  Manik is offering you a gateway from one understanding to another.  In the spirit of service and self-sacrifice, you may take on too much and feel pressured and scattered.  You may have difficulty in completing things and have a tendency to procrastinate.   Completion is difficult if you feel inadequate or displeased with the possible outcome of your efforts.  You would be served by looking at how you identify yourself with your belief systems, definitions, roles, and ideals.  Note what these identifications draw into your life.  Another shadow of Manik is the issue of acquiring tools, thinking the tool has the power.  If you are over-identified with and attached to your tools, such as books, astrology charts, symbols, or systems, you may believe the power is outside yourself.  Remember that you are the tool through which Spirit speaks.