Mayan day – 12 Muluc (Water)

The Aztec name for Muluc is Atl, which means water.  So today is going to have a lot to do with the emotions.  When strong feelings are aroused, they can sometimes turn negatively into compulsive and addictive behaviors.  I can remember many Muluc days when I just blew my top and acted irrationally.  Another aspect of Muluc is not listening to signs and signals of internal proddings even though you are getting clear signs.  I often push myself when I know I should be resting.  Interestingly, this day sign’s main weakness is a need for public recognition that stems from a deep-seated inferiority complex, most likely caused by a domineering mother.  Ouch!  Can I get a witness?

One Response to Mayan day – 12 Muluc (Water)

  1. juliedemboski says:

    Hi Tara,

    Ouch is right! I had no idea the Mayans were so Freudian–

    I look forward to visiting daily!


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